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Why Kids Should Be Introduced To Robotics Earlier In Life

Our world has always been on an ever-evolving run, but interestingly enough, it has gone through a major, massive, and increasingly fast technological evolution. 

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Our world has always been on an ever-evolving run, but interestingly enough, it has gone through a major, massive, and increasingly fast technological evolution. Ever since the advent of the technological boom, our communication, interaction, entertainment, and even our daily life choices have changed. Long gone are the days of limited technical access. However, today from phones, TV, laptops, watches, and businesses, everything is technologically advanced and, for the most part, for the better.

Robots were made in the initial time of the 20th century. They are made of sensors, motors, and programming units for industries to perform manufacturing tasks and minimize the human load. Later, robots have been an integral part of various professional technical and engineering fields.

Today we as elders, adults, adolescents, young adults and kids are now used to technology, so why keep our children away from the bliss of this technology. Kids are quick learners and have amazing creative streaks. Robotics and coding can tap your child`s creative thinking and problem-solving skills while learning in a fun and interactive way.

Here’s why you should introduce your child to robotics and coding:

Introduction To Robotics:

How cool is the idea of having a toy robot move at your command? Children love to see tangible results, and that`s exactly what programming does. It can make a motionless thing move. It is a quite interactive fun-based learning experience, cultivating curiosity and interest in science. The process of learning is fairly rewarding when they see the robot or a toy moving and shaking after a process of coding or programming. It is the initial step in building their interest in other IT and STEM-based activities, leaving them to explore more.

Creates Problem Solving Tact:

 When your child is off the mindless screen time, this new skill is not just limited to the skill itself. This skill comes with practice and perseverance. Children get so involved that it strengthens their puzzle/ problem solving and reasoning life skills. The grit required behind moving a robot is the lesson they`re absorbing—the lesson of making mistakes and learning by mending them while using logic. The practice is the hardcore downtime where they are focused on doing one task and thinking out of the box to get it done. Exploring new options and functions nourishes imaginative enthusiasm and develops the team spirit when working on projects in groups. If something doesn`t work, analysing and creating different strategies are taught early through such exposure.

Boosts Interest And Curiosity:

Robotics and coding give a foundation for scientific and technological basics and open other interest avenues, like programming electrical and mechanical engineering skills, which later help in daily real-world life skills. Lego is one of the same examples. Tons of activities such as tool kits, mini robot building games, solar houses, do it yourself mini circuits, soldering kits, alarm system, and OLED smartwatch make your bot not only challenges the mind and concentration of the child but boosts the imaginative streak. Apart from this, if such games and activities get introduced at an early age, today’s children will be more likely to cope with ever-changing technology, even better.

First Hand Learning Exposure:

The times when having just bookish knowledge have thankfully passed, and for the right reasons. In past years the educational curriculum was just based on book knowledge, whereas it was seen that real-life situations needed prompt practical experience. Today children are being introduced early on in an interactive manner where they are not just looking at the diagrams solely, but they are also trying their hands on those experiments. Basic exposure like what a battery is and how does it work? How to make instant ice, light and electricity experiments with lemon and potatoes, effects on balloon in hot and cold water, baking soda and water experiment. These basic yet uber-cool experiments give them a hands-on learning experience without going through the hassle of memorizing the concepts. Wouldn’t it be cool if we’d had a chance like that? What`s amazing is that you can start pretty young by handing kinetic sand, magnetic tiles, and a maze, DIY build a truck, drill bolts with tools, simple wooden blocks, and dominos.  


As Robotic is the future and provides kids with learning opportunities, it also incorporates self-confidence. Kids feel boosted and in charge of their creation. They face setbacks and find ways to solve them while learning new skills. It will further pave the ways for them to have an actual application and resume while pursuing higher education or professional manoeuvres. Hones a child`s personal and intellectual personality through practice, patience, teamwork and collaboration.  

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