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Stay Fit in a Busy routine - How to Manage Both

The world is getting tougher but it does not mean to neglect yourself. After all, health is wealth; you have to look for ways to manage your extremely busy schedule and your health. 

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The world is getting tougher but it does not mean to neglect yourself. After all, health is wealth; you have to look for ways to manage your extremely busy schedule and your health. Many people could not keep themselves fit because of their work life due to which they end getting into hospital even in their early 30s. If you want to be like them, then there is no issue. But if you want to work hard, explore the world on your fine and health legs, then scroll down and read tips to manage both.

·        Consult fitness expert


Getting anxious after seeing your friend`s girlfriend with zero figure and making decision to lose weight is not right. Before diving into exercise routine along with managing your work and studies, it is important to consult a fitness expert as they know what is ideal exercise routine for you and what is suitable for people who have bit easy routine. The expert will guide you about maintaining weight and what to change in your diet to remain in shape. Their words would help you prepare a plan for you to balance fitness goals and work. Hence, you don`t need to spend large amount of money on consulting a coach; you can consult any certified professional as they have knowledge and experience too. But, before booking any coach, do check their reviews or you might regret.


  • What Exercise You love the Most?


We all have access to internet and we all Google to get basic knowledge about different types of exercises. Many of us plan and make effort to do all exercises mentioned in top article of the social engine. But soon, they end up preferring sleep over exercise because of getting tired from exercises. Its easy solution is read different articles and pick only those exercises that you love. Your positive emotion will make you every day to come out of bed early and play with your legs and hands as it let you feel productive and sense of achievement. However, it is recommended to pick your favorite easy exercises initially; later move ahead to complex exercises.


  • Say No to Netflix in free time


We do get an hour or some minutes between our work or studies to be ourselves but we waste them in watching Netflix or having food even though we are not hungry. Yet, physical activity is the best way to utilize that time as they can recharge your battery. It is not necessary to do planks or sit-ups; you can choose to dance on your favorite music or play with children in park. Moreover, you can put headphones and walk on road freely to have some time in nature. However, it does not mean that you should ban webseries; all you have to do is to reduce your screen time because your health is more important than your short-timed pleasure. 


·        Start Small


We humans are emotional and do make decisions emotionally. That`s the reason why newbies spend more than an hour here on treadmill on the first day in gym without realizing that our body needs time to adjust to the new routine. Therefore, these newbies end up losing passion and prefer staying on bed and watching their favorite movies and series. The practical solution is to turn your first day excitement into years of excitement by keeping it unfulfilled. Instead of spending an hour in gym, do push-ups for half an hour. After doing exercise for 30 minutes for a week, increase time minutes more and gradually go up till an hour. In this way, your body will get adjust to your new goals and you will be able to remain consistent. 


  • It`s okay to make mistake – Remain Consistent


At times, we can`t do sit-ups perfectly or fail to do as much pushups as we dreamed but it`s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes and failures are teachable moments. Instead of focusing on doing everything perfect, you should aim to remain consistent and make effort to walk or exercise regularly. You don`t need to keep on exercising until you attain perfection. If you get tired after attempting numerous times, leave it. Your aim should be to come out of bed and move your legs. If you try your best to do this, your goal is achieved. Consistency will bring perfection automatically.


·        Analyze your performance every week

Following a new routine and giving your best into it without evaluating your performance is foolishness. Evaluating your performance will help you know if the new routine is easy to manage or is it affecting your health negatively or the exercises are bringing positive change in your life. Self-judgement will guide to make appropriate or required changes in your fitness routine that is easy to manage.

So, these are applicable tips to manage your fitness goals and work or academic life. If you are a busy bee and don`t get time to maintain your fitness, these tips will organize your life and help you get some time to dance or walk or exercise.  

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