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Myths about Traveling

Do you the frustration and sadness you felt when the traveling plan went unsuccessful? And a lot of times our plans can`t be carried out because of the unpopular opinions about travelling. 

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Do you the frustration and sadness you felt when the traveling plan went unsuccessful?

And a lot of times our plans can`t be carried out because of the unpopular opinions about travelling.

Thus, we are here to clear your misunderstandings so that your next plan can be executed well.

Myth # 1

Traveling Is Expensive

Myth: I can`t afford the traveling as it`s expensive and goes out of my budget

Reality: There are many places, both locally or internationally, which will not cost you an arm and leg. Moreover, you have to plan smartly; if you stay in luxurious hotels and want to enjoy the finest dining, it will be trouble for you. But suppose you stay at a local hotel and enjoy street food. In that case, it will not only be a pocket-friendly solution but also will be an adventurous and fun-filled experience.

Myth # 2

Traveling can be unsafe in unpopular areas

Myth: Individuals believe that traveling to less explored areas has its security threats

Reality: Media, primarily social media, sometimes portray a negative image of many countries. They are some parts of countries in the world you avoid traveling to. But not all the less traveled areas are unsafe. 

It would be best to take precautions while traveling, such as wearing heavy jewelry and keeping money in different places.

Myth # 3

Duty-Free Shops are Cheap

Myth: I can shop duty-free. It may be a pocket-friendly solution.

Reality: The duty-free shop can be the biggest temptation for you, and you can find everything under one roof. They are tax-free, but sometimes they get expensive from the local shop to you. It is good that you have to do profound research before shopping from a local store or duty-free shop.

Myth # 4

Locals know better

Myth: I can ask the natives about the best place to visit also about the hotels and food.

Reality: Locals often don`t know enough about the site or don`t see things from the tourist`s perspective. For example, they do not know the best accommodation place or do not find local food tasty. Hence it is best to ask other travelers for recommendations.

Myth # 5

if I stayed in a luxurious hotel. I will have an authentic holiday experience

Myth: Expensive hotels are better.

Reality: If your ideal holiday includes staying in a 5-star hotel and having a luxurious experience, go for it. But always remember that you are there to explore the countries, so it`s better to spend on visiting places rather than on accommodation. Thus, our advice is you should look for hotels which have necessities and are in a safe location.

Myth # 6

I can do currency exchange at the airport

Myth:  I can exchange the currency at the airport. It will cost me nothing.

Reality: They exchange the money at the airport without any charges. But they charge the built-in amount. However, your bank often offers you to use debit aboard, which has a 10% better exchange, but you must pay some amount. On the other hand, if you plan your trip, you can exchange the money for foreign currency from your local bank, and it will not charge any fee.

Myth # 7

Hotels are less expensive if you book from a local agency

Myth: If I book my hotel in advance, it will cost me less.

Reality: The local agencies indeed offer you an affordable rate. Still, it is becoming difficult with time. If by and they don`t provide such services. However, you can enjoy many perks if you book directly, such as free Wi-Fi upgraded food. The second risk of booking directly will be that the agency does not transfer your reservation.

Myth # 8

Packages cost me less

Myth: If I booked a package, it would cost me much lesser than booking separately.

In reality, you will be amazed at the wonderful packages. It might seem that it will cost you less at first glance because they are present. Your attention is automatically driven to that. Still, this is not the case. You should calculate each one separately and then decide which option is best for you.

Wrap up

This blog will definitely help out in clearing many myths that are circulating in your mind regarding traveling. So, we advise you that instead of asking random people, ask the concerned people about the traveling plans and attain authentic information. We hope so now you can plan a better trip.

Travel safe!

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