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Guinea Pigs Happiness Guide For First Time Owners

Animals hold a special place in our hearts, some just a little more. Thus, they become our pets. Guinea pigs are gentle, entertaining, active, and playful creatures that are great pets for household children because of their socially amiable nature. 

June 22 21

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Animals hold a special place in our hearts, some just a little more. Thus, they become our pets. Guinea pigs are gentle, entertaining, active, and playful creatures that are great pets for household children because of their socially amiable nature. Cuteness aside, these furballs are quite demanding when it comes to attention, health care, hygiene, and activity. If kept well, guinea pigs can live up to 7 years or so. As much as they make us love them, it is necessary to keep them happy as well, which involves:




They are naturally active creatures, thus spending all their time busy in something or the other, which essentially requires space. They love running, playing, hiding, seeking, and biting on to things to live their best life, making their sleep span very short, for about four to six hours a day. These furry creatures get big in size, so having a small cage would not be ideal, as they also need a partner. Opt for a minimum of 7.5-10.5 square feet or bigger. Never opt for cages for housing purposes with wire flooring. Also, never opt for tubs and aquariums. They are not fish. When indoors, ensure to have an optimal temperature as they are sensitive and thus easily fall prey to high heat, humid and chilly conditions. It`s best to maintain a temperature around 65-73 F. Direct contact with heat, or nearby fireplaces or stoves, very cold passages, doorways rooms are not ideal for them, also should be protected in case of the presence of other species pets. 




Allowing them to roam freely, dig up, or utilize the floor space, out of the cage, lets them be who they truly are. Add a few high and low curves and troughs for enjoyable playtime. Letting them out of cages and outdoors make them the happiest. They are social in nature and friendly with each other, so they do need a partner or friends around. If provided, they love playing with objects like tubes, and balls, hiding in tunnels, boxes, cabinets, and chewing on cardboards and objects here and there. Whether in a playpen or outdoors, their activity maintains their health and wellness.




Bedding in flooring is so vital, so avoid keeping fragrant wood shavings. Always choose recommended cages with paper shavings for flooring as they are more absorbent and better than the perfumed wooden shavings, which are harmful to the piggies` breathing and feet. Ensure to provide almost 3 inches deep to avoid imbalance. They also enjoy the soft plush beds. 


Chewy has ample housing and habitat options from cages, extensions to hutches, playpen, bedding, flooring, play yard, feeder racks, chew-proof water bottles, hay, food, and snack treats. Chewy is trusted for all pet essentials and accessory supplies of great quality, and you can avail the free shipping within 1-3 days of delivery at a great value. Offers all solutions under one banner for keeping, grooming, and maintaining healthy and happy pets.   


Health and Hygiene: 


Guineas are clean creatures, so they demand a hygienic habitat and personal hygiene. Their homes/cages must be cleaned regularly to maintain their best health and hygiene.




Guineas are sensitive, and so is their digestive system. Essentially clean water and Timothy hay can keep them reasonably good, but they like fresh fruits and vegetables. Kale, romaine, peppers, lettuce, parsley, and cilantro should be introduced to give them a variety and make sure to build their eating habits smartly as they need Vitamin C-filled foods daily, and broccoli is the best option. Best to offer fruits in controlled portions. A bit of banana, a small chunk of apple, kiwi, orange, and strawberry are good if given twice a week, though. 




Pellets and Vitamin C-filled snacks can be given to them, and if your guinea is well-fed, you won`t necessarily need to have loads of treats. However, you can offer critter pops or berry blend small animal treats with chewable crunch and critter sticks once in a while. And what`s best is that Chewy has a variety of such treats as well.  




Keeping Guineas groomed is an essential task, which requires regular weekly hair combing, whereas ones with long should be combed daily to keep the dead hair off with appropriate brushes. Nails should be regularly trimmed attentively, ensuring no blood vessels are hurt. Ears should be cleaned softly to avoid any hurt. Paws should always be in check because of continuous play, and intimates should be in check for regular hygiene. They need love and attention as much as we do. 

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