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Many of us like the idea of making a photo book, but we either don`t know where to begin or become frustrated with the process.

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Many of us like the idea of making a photo book, but we either don`t know where to begin or become frustrated with the process. So, how do you make a photo book that you`d be proud to share with family and friends without going through all the trouble?

There`s bound to be a template that suits your needs among the 24 categories for all your photo booking needs, ranging from simple designs to Martha Stewart`s exclusive range. The process couldn`t be simpler, with the ability to import photos from a variety of devices and a chat function available if you need assistance. Mixbook is likely to have what you`re looking for if you`re looking for a personalized photo gift.

How To Create A Photo Book

     Make certain that the photos you intend to use have a high enough resolution. Mixbook recommends that photos be at least 4MB and 300 dpi to print properly.

     Choose your book shape carefully. Is it square, portrait (like a traditional book), or wide? You can`t change your mind once you`ve made your decision.

     Select the appropriate paper type. The semigloss option will suffice for most projects, but for a more elegant book, consider the more expensive matte papers.

     Choose a cover style. A hardcover or leather-bound book, like paper, adds a more upscale feel to the finished product.

     Recognize that if you make a mistake, you can undo it.

     Do you require assistance? To contact a customer service representative, you can use the chat icon.

     Click the All Pages icon on the lower-left cover of the central workspace to view your entire book.

     To rearrange your pages, select any page spread in the All Pages view and drag it to a new location in the book.

     If you want to add more pages, you must do so in pairs. That`s just how book printing works.

     Order your book well in advance of the date you`ll need it. It will take at least seven days to arrive, even with express shipping.

You May Select A Template

Mixbook offers over 370 photo book templates. Even though they are intelligently categorized by subjects — such as Family, Kids, Travel, Wedding, and Yearbook — selecting the perfect template for your book project can be difficult. The good news is that any template you choose will be completely customizable. The one nearly irreversible decision you must make is the shape of your book. Is it going to be a square or a rectangle? Will it be horizontal or vertical if it`s rectangular? However, the page size of your book is not selected until you place your order.

Upload Your Images

Mixbook will prompt you to upload your photos after you choose your template (or start with a blank book).

There are three methods for adding photos: Upload photos from your computer, choose My Photos to select photos from previous Mixbook projects, or Import Photos from your Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, or SmugMug accounts.

Regardless of which method you use, your uploaded photos will appear in the sidebar to the left of your photo book workspace.

If you want to import more photos, click the Add Photos button at the top of the sidebar.

Insert photos into your book automatically. When you import your photos into your book project, you have the option of having them auto-inserted into your book.

If you enjoy editing and customizing, it may be less time-consuming to make all of your photo placements manually rather than correcting the auto-placement.

Take A Look At Your Book`s Interface

The Mixbook interface is simple and logical. When you first open your project, the central

The workspace is filled with the cover of your book.

You Can Select A Design

Layouts are page design concepts that include things like the number of photos per page as well as more general themes that apply to the entire book, such as Birthdays or Weddings. You can select Theme Layouts, which are based on the theme you select (for example, Birthday or Wedding), or Page Layouts, which are sorted by the number of photos you want on each page.


The size options will be determined by the shape book you chose when you first set up your book (square, landscape or horizontal rectangle). Square books can be as small as 6 x 6 inches and as large as 12 x 12 inches, while landscape books can be as large as 14 x 11 inches. Portrait-style books are only available in one size: 8.5 x 11 inches.


We found all of Mixbook`s paper stock to be of good weight and quality. However, there are several finish options:

Semigloss is the least expensive. Which gives a dynamic dimension to your photos.

Pearl Finish is for those who prefer matte-like paper for their photos. It has a sense of elegance.

Premium Lay is easily used to bind the book. With smooth pages.

Cover material

It is up to you what kind of cover you choose.

Softcover is a paperback book. It has a nice glossy finish.

Hardcover is a hardback book. You can choose between glossy or matte, and whether to have a printed paper dust cover for it.

Leather is a great choice for an impressive gift and comes with a printed paper dust cover.

Mixbook`s on-site book editor is simple enough for anyone to use, but it also includes enough features to appeal to advanced photo book designers. Similarly, the books are well-made and will protect the images inside for many years to come. The variety of templates and customization options is also impressive. While the shipping time can be a pain, the quality is well worth the wait. Overall, Mixbook outperforms the competition in most areas. You can also get a free book. Just by applying code may BOGO and enjoy!!

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