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Everything You Need To Know About Pet Sitting

I used to ask my neighbors or friends to watch my pet for a couple of days when I was out of town.

May 22 19

I used to ask my neighbors or friends to watch my pet for a couple of days when I was out of town. Last summer break, I had to spend some time over the continent, and at that moment, I realized the importance of a professional pet sitter.

Just because you are traveling to see your family or flying across the continents to spend the summer break does not mean your paw-sitvely cute friends have to spend this time alone. 

Opting for the right pet care plan means peace of mind and also increases the possibility of your pet well being. It is definitely a happier and healthier option.

Leaving your pets in a familiar environment and comfortable place is necessary. A professional pet caretaker will be mindful of all their needs and wants. They will know about the toys, much-needed playtime, and food that your pet requires for their everyday nourishment.

Today`s article will focus on pet sitters, what is the best time to make an appointment, what to look for in pet sitters, and how to find them?

What To Look For In A Pet Sitter?

Due to the increase in demand for people in this line of business, it is not hard to find a pet sitter. It is as easy as asking for the time. 

Even though it is easier to ask for a friend or family member when you are going away for a couple of days, and even when you are paying them, it might be relatively cheaper than a professional pet sitter. I would recommend this option only when you are sure about your pet`s health condition. Nonetheless, if you have an older dog or cat, looking for a professional pet sitter might be better. They are familiar with behavioral patterns and quick to respond to medical emergencies. Here is what you should take into consideration while narrowing down your list of possible sitters.

Expertise: Many professional sitters specialize in different types of pets. You cannot pawn someone, an experienced sitter for fish for dogs. The same goes for different kinds of cats and dogs. Some sitters prefer looking after smaller breeds, while others might go for the bigger ones. If you can not find it on their profile, it is better to ask about the kind of experience they bring with them.

Site: This is a crucial point when deciding on a pet sitter. It is essential to ask whether you will be dropping the pet off or they will be coming over to your place to take care of the pet. The first option works in the instance of one or two pets. However, if you have more or would not like to disturb the comfort zone of your pets, it is better to ask them to take care of the pets at your place.

Environment: In the instance, you opt to drop your pet off at the sitter`s place. It is necessary to opt for an environment that is similar to yours, or else your pet might fall sick or you might encounter some behavioral issues. For example, if your dog is outdoorsy and is used to playing around in the backyard, make sure that sitters have some sort of the same arrangement.

Familiarity: often, dogs and pets are not comfortable around new people, and it takes them some getting used to. Make sure to decide on the sitter at least a month before departure and have them play with your pet. If your pets are outdoorsy, let them take their pets out on a walk so they can develop a sense of familiarity.

Updates: leaving your pet in the care of someone means entrusting them, but also, you would miss an integral part of the family while you are away. Ensuring that sitters are okay with sending photos and videos of your pet in the meantime can help ease the process. The quick updates from them will provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

But this does not happen overnight. When you are looking at potential options, it is vital to understand that if you keep delaying the process till the eleventh hour, you might not be able to land yourself a sitter.


What Is The Best Time To Make An Appointment?

It is imperative to understand that even though there has been a significant demand for pet sitters, the demand variates and goes up during specific times of the year.

Much like the holiday season that passed in December and the spring break, summer vacation is the time of the year that is usually the busy time for professional pet sitters. To phrase it simply would be from November till mid-January and then from May till September are two of the busiest seasons for pet sitters. You might have to make appointments a couple of months before your travel dates during peak times. However, generally making a reservation a month before your travel dates is fine. It gives you significant time to conduct interviews and decide on a sitter but also, once you have made the final selection, you can make them comfortable around your pets.

Thanks to the age of the internet it is easier to find a pet sitter nowadays than in earlier times. You can look at the profiles of sitters and make decisions accordingly. Here are the top five apps I would recommend you to go through while looking for a pet sitter.

  1. Rover

  2. Wag!


  4. Fetch!


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