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Best Shoes For Foot Related Problems

An average person walks the circumference of the earth three times in their lives, yet we barely pay attention to footwear that we purchase beyond its appearance.

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An average person walks the circumference of the earth three times in their lives, yet we barely pay attention to footwear that we purchase beyond its appearance. While walking and running is the most resorted go-to exercise for many people to support their everyday health. It is essential for people with diabetes. Not having the proper footwear can become problematic. Foot problems are widespread and can also become a source of other aching body parts. 

Problems Right Foot Wear Can Solve For You


  • Diabetic neuropathy is a problem that concerns 65-70% of diabetic patients. 37.3 million people, or 1 in every ten people in the US, suffer from some type of diabetes. The condition affects the nerves in your legs and feet, leading to lost sensation, which in aggregation results in the inability to feel cuts and soreness in your feet. At the same time, most doctors suggest walking as one of the most effective mediums for people with diabetes to increase blood flow. Finding a shoe that fits the requirement and considers the persistent problems of diabetic people is hard.

  • Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic knee pain, and while there could be several reasons for it, Your choice of footwear is directly related to it. Regardless of the cause, suitable footwear is supposed to break tensions and relieve stress on your joints. Excellent footwear should be able to provide the required stability and adjustability. The perfect cushioning in it to alleviate pressure, low heels, and a stable outsole minimize the impact on your knees.

  • BackPain affects even the task requiring minimal effort from the individual, eventually leaving us helpless. Just like chronic knees, back pain can be triggered by several things, from lifting weight to sleeping in the wrong position but wearing ill footwear is one of the very reasons for causing back pain. Flat feet, uneven show length, and wearing tight or not the right size are the leading contenders in the category.

Among the problems mentioned above, there are several other problems the proper footwear can solve, such as your gait, hips, injuries, and many others. While those mentioned above are the most significant problems, Finding an answer to each problem is critical yet a daunting task.  

When you are dealing with foot problems, it can always be traced back to poorly composed footwear. Nonetheless, we did not just come here to talk about issues but come bearing solutions.

What To Look For In Right footwear?

Orthopaedic shoes for different problems require different features, yet there are some similarities that can be found in orthopaedic shoes. For example, the best shoes for knee, diabetic patients, and people with back problems should include.

  • Depth: In any of the instances, your footwear should have room there to create a pressure-free environment. It caters to the proper foot movement while reducing the chances of developing back pain.

  • Shoe`s Shape: Modern shoe designs are not for everyone, as the forefront is narrow, which cramps your toes and fingers. The diabetic patient requires shoes with extra padding, where a wider forefront shoe is essential for everyone to decrease their chances of back pain.

  • Multiple Widths: When it comes to shoes, a non-constricting environment is necessary. However, numerous shoe companies do not provide the option of considerable width, which results in your feet adjusting to tighter shoes. These aggregations result in knee, back, and problems in people who have diabetes.

  • Shock Absorption: your feet require cushioning to decrease the external impacts and reduce the effect of direct forces. Getting a shoe with several layers will disperse the pressure in several layers, leaving very little to no effect on your feet. 

  • Insole: One of the most vital elements when figuring out the shoe you need is the insole. A suitable insole entails an anatomical design that keeps your foot aligned with hips, legs, and knees and keeps them in a neutral position. There is also an option of getting a customized fit. If the shoe provider gives you the opportunity, you should definitely take it. 

What Are The Best Shoes In The Market?

Best Shoes for Back Pain


Francis No-Tie (Women)

Francis no tie shoes are the best shoes for back pain, and there are several reasons for it being the orthopaedic`s number one choice for people suffering from back pain. First, it provides the much-needed forgiving upper material, which takes the pressure off the problem areas as it was designed by engineers and medical professionals with sound knowledge of the mechanics of how our body works. The shoe features an anatomical orthotic insole used to keep your feet and lower limbs in proper positions while the thick five layers disperse the shocks providing a comfortable landing. Available in various colours so you can get the one in neural colours that sits well with every silhouette.

Delta Waterproof - Black (Men)

The ultimate shoes for men who perform labour-intensive tasks, delta waterproof is perfect for all types of environments i.e snowy, rainy and slippery conditions. The upper part of the shoes is water since it is made of leather. The seamless seam and bellows tongue make the shoe not penetrate against liquid. The insole, after some wear, takes the shape of your feet and hot spots in your foot, decreasing the pressure on your back and knees and aligning the rest of the body parts associated with movement. It is designed by professionals with abundant cushioning to provide comfort and relief.

Best Shoes For Diabetic Patients

Hunter Walking Boots  (Men)

As the name depicts, the boots are perfect whether you are working all day long or just running everyday errands, making them a staple for your wardrobe. Graciously its modern design reduces foot pain and increases your ankle stability delivering comfort all day long. 

The Hunter Walking boots are a one-stop solution for Achilles tendon, arthritis, flat feet, diabetes, and other related problems. Superior cushioning, anatomical arch support, and adjustable arch support are the key reasons for its immense popularity among people with feet. A soft interior with no overlays causes minor irritation compared with regular shoes. A PU sole delivers an additional boost every time you take a step and a wide toe box to prevent the cramming of the toe and fingers. No wonder it is preferred by many.

Sanibel Women`s Mary Jane Walking (Women)

Multiple straps for adjustable width for more room inside the shoe, a Wide toe box which prevents your toe and fingers from jumbling upon one another, cushioning sole with a rocker. No overlapping interior with soft padding offers a comfortable environment for your feet, while the mesh fabric delivers comfort and breathability, reducing irritation. Perfect for curing heel pain, heel spurs, neuropathy, and swollen feet. Medical professionals particularly engineer the shoe to provide utmost comfort and make the experience as if you are walking on clouds.

Best Shoes For Knee Pain

Coral Stretch Knit (Women)

It features a wide toe-box, a necessity for people suffering from knee pain that alleviates pressure on hammertoes and bunions. The interior is made of soft padding, providing the cushioning your feet require, while the exterior is made of stretchable knit fabric so you can move around and always have room. Heel made of mild rocker, which provides a menial boost to your every step and ergonomic sole to keep your feet in the correct positioning at all times. The rubber sole provides excellent stability and advanced grip, all of the qualities one should be looking for in the best shoes for patients suffering from knee pain. A chic design and stylish look make it perfect for all types of attires.

Alpine Heel Strap (Men)

The Alpine heel strap is the epitome of comfort and room. Its multiple width options let you explore the ranges of comfort according to your preferences—Premium Orthotic insoles, an arch booster that relieves everyday stress on joints and heels. Adjust the bungee, Which makes putting on this footwear an easier task. The padded interior provides a soothing environment for alleviating pain and soft leather for added comfort. It also entails outer rubber soles that increase grip and stability. While you will be ordering according to your size, If the shoes are too loose for you, you can remove a couple of spacers that come with the shoes.

While each of these is a great fit, a number of foot-related issues, from arthritis to gout in feet, can be used to encounter several problems. We have categorized them based on customer reviews and recommendations of orthopaedics. Each one of the recommendations is the number 1 suggested shoe for both genders. To know more about feet-related problems and narrow down your list of options from a sea of shoes to the ones best suited for your need, visit ortho feet.

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