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A look at Gen Z Fashion Style and Trends

Fashion is an act of self-expression since each individual expresses their individuality through their clothing. However, fashion is more than the clothes you are wearing; it`s also about the accessories your outfit is complemented with. 

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Fashion is an act of self-expression since each individual expresses their individuality through their clothing. However, fashion is more than the clothes you are wearing; it`s also about the accessories your outfit is complemented with. The trends in fashion are becoming more comfortable, fun, and classy. And in recent years, Generation Z (born roughly between 1997 and 2012) has become truly popular in the sense of fashion, developing its own signature style much like every previous generation. 

There are a variety of fashion trends depending on gender, and in this article, we will examine Gen-Z fashion trends that don`t seem to go out of style.

Slip Dresses

An eye-catching slip dress is sometimes a bit scandalous. Are they suitable for the streets, or should they be kept in the bedroom? As part of their new outlook, Generation Z is reclaiming slip dresses from the 1990s. When worn with the right accessories, they appear more formal than intimate clothing. Pair it with heels and a bag, and you`re ready to go. 

Crop Tops

Generation Z is known for its retro style, and crop tops are no exception. As well as being sold in a wide range of cuts, crop tops can also be fitted from scarves and tied according to mood. It generally has solid or retro prints with a bohemian feel and can be paired with hair scarves. It`s a sexy and youthful look that`s a throwback to the `70s and `90s -- it can be layered or worn with high-waisted pants to add a touch of modesty.

Flare Jeans

There`s another denim trend taking hold among Gen Z. Flare jeans are back, and if you`re not cleaning out your closets often, you`re likely still having some flare jeans lying around as they`ve appeared repeatedly over the years. Compared to their late `90s resurgence, these crop tops are higher-waisted, making them more wearable for older generations - plus, a higher waistline makes tying up those crop tops easier. 

Pastel Hair

Changing hair color can be a bold choice, especially with the pastel palette in style with Gen Z. While all colors of the rainbow seem to be on-trend, pastels are particularly prominent. As well, instead of dying their whole head one color, many Gen Z`ers are opting for chunky highlights in the front and dark roots. In recent years, many people attributed this trend to the boredom that came with quarantine. However, even with the looser restrictions, many are still looking to experiment and try these pastel hairstyles. 

Colored Lens Sunglasses

There is nothing new about vintage sunglasses, but colored lens sunglasses are a retro look resurfacing with the younger generation, which makes them perfect for anyone looking to embrace Gen Z trends without overthinking how to go about it. Generation Z is paring colored lenses with retro frames of all eras – from cat-eye glasses from the `50s to rectangle sunglasses from the `90s. Sunglasses shapes you haven`t seen in style for a while are making their way back into fashion; Gen Z is bringing them back!  

Resin Jewelry

Gen Z is once again wearing this `70s throwback. Whatever the form - necklaces, earrings, rings - there is no escaping that Resin Jewelry is all about bright and bold colors, including Day-Glo hues. Recently, a number of boutique brands have been leading this market with their everyday niche designs. Overall, the jewelry segment is expected to grow at a rate of 5-6% over the next three years.

Pattern Clashing

The fashion rules are always changing as a generation moves forward. Gen Z is throwing caution to the wind and mixing anything and everything. The way Boomers find it difficult to break the habit of matching their handbags to their shoes, and Millennials find it difficult to accept such a cavalier approach to building an outfit–Gen Z feels good wearing their mismatched polka dot top and toile skirt.

Gender Fluid Apparel

With baggier cuts and looks that combine traditionally masculine and feminine elements, Gen Z is continuing the process of deconstructing gendered clothing. These trends have been highlighted in part by celebrities like Billie Eilish, who has rejected the idea that women need to wear a form-fitting dress to be successful. Fashioning clothing options outside your typical gender norms can liberate your sense of style. It doesn`t have to be complicated - it can be as simple as a jacket with a bold print, no matter how you identify.

Fashion trends among Gen-Z will continue to evolve and change, making them more inclusive, unique, and bold in every aspect. After all, the idea of acceptance and self-expression are so central to this generation.

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