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9 Simple Ways to Revive Your Home Curb Appeal

You`ve invested a lot of money besides time and energy into making your house feel like a home on the inside, so why not treat its exteriors the same way? 

April 22 4

You`ve invested a lot of money besides time and energy into making your house feel like a home on the inside, so why not treat its exteriors the same way? 

It turns out, creating serious curb appeal can boost your property`s overall value. In fact, making your home look its best on the outside is just as important as keeping it clean inside. And there are many ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

The following tips will help you choose an upgrade that fits both your schedule and budget, whether you plan on spending all weekend on home improvement projects or just two hours on a front door makeover.

1.       Go for the Greens

Plants can help you with several problems in life. In addition to purifying the air in your home, they can also instantly enhance your curb appeal. The addition of a wreath or a planter full of greenery will liven up your entrance.

You don`t have to have your own garden if you don`t have time or money to add some planters and window boxes to achieve the same effect. Plants are an excellent way to accentuate and frame key visual points, such as windows and entryways. Hang a hanging planter if you have no room for a standing one.

Even just one pretty plant arrangement can enhance the exterior of your house.

2.       Fix it up

Simply swapping out your doorknob for a handle or changing out those rusty, mismatched address numbers for a new set can help increase your curb appeal. 

Make any small repairs, like fixing ripped screens, replacing burned-out bulbs, or repairing chipped paint.

Even tiny flaws can become noticeable against a beautifully adorned exterior, so it`s worth your time to get it done.

3.       Lose the junk 

Throw away anything that is an eyesore, such as old vehicles, lawn furniture, swing sets, unruly garden hoses, and dead bushes.

Anything that you do not need or want in your life give it away, sell it, recycle it, or toss it. Find a place where garbage cans and recycling bins can be hidden out of sight. This way, you`ll be free of clutter. 

4.       Mow and nurture the lawn

Usually, lawns are a major part of a home`s front yard, so maintaining your lawn can dramatically improve curb appeal.

If you have a lawn, rake it, edge it, and cut it. Pull or kill weeds.

It will add to the appeal of your home.

5.       Freshen up the approach

People form their first impressions as they approach your house. For this reason, you should maintain your walkway, steps, porch, and front door.

Hire a pressure washer for heavy-duty cleaning. Remove weeds from the walkway, replace any cracked stones.

Make a concrete walkway more attractive by edging it with bricks or stones. Outdoor lighting adds safety and security as well as beauty at night. Consider putting in low-voltage landscape lighting to light up trees, paths, and landscaping.

6.       Focus on the front door

Your front door is the first thing a visitor sees.

Wash it or refinish it, if necessary, or paint it. If that doesn`t work, consider replacing it.

If your door`s hardware is tarnished, polish it with metal polish or replace it completely. A new kick plate at your door`s base will add a touch of elegance and cover small scratches and scuffs.

7.       Embrace symmetry

A symmetrical pattern instantly makes your home look more put together and creates appealing focal points.

Set up matching wall lanterns or plants at either side of your door to achieve the look. Alternatively, you can do the same thing around your garage door if you don`t have space at your entryway. 

8.       Utilize outdoor furniture smartly

Having too much or too little outdoor furniture can make a house look cluttered or neglected.

Aim to achieve a good balance, and make sure the outdoor furniture you own is clean and in good condition.

You can add some charm to a small yard by setting up a small table with a pretty planter on top and adding simple ceramic stools for seating.

9.       Let there be light

Dark entryways don`t feel welcoming. Adding a fun, fresh piece of lighting to your entrance is a great way to charm your guests.

Get rid of cobwebs and debris around outdoor light fixtures to instantly make the area appear brighter and cleaner. To illuminate a walkway, hang porch string lights or use solar-powered lanterns.

If you prioritize the projects that will make the greatest difference, you can give your home a curb appeal boost in just a day or weekend. Your home probably already has a lot of beautiful elements, but it may just need a few finishing touches to really stand out. Put in some work, and you`ll be amazed at the results.

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